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Church-Shaped Children’s Ministry

Building’s Tomorrow’s Healthy Church Today:

Church-Shaped Children’s Ministry Resources

Praise Factory is dedicated to two kinds of resources: Church-shaped children’s ministry resources; and, Church-shaped children’s curriculum. This page provides you with many good resources to better understand both. The materials listed here are the ones we most frequently give out and use with the hundreds of pastors, children’s ministry leaders and teachers who we speak to at conferences here at Capitol Hill Baptist Church and elsewhere. Free to download. Hard copies available through amazon.


overview materials

This flyer is a great introduction to the key concepts in Church-Shaped Children’s Ministry



overview materials

Praise Factory Pitchbook: This colorful, very visual booklet is the pitchbook I created to tell pastors and children’s ministry leaders about Praise Factory at conferences. Each page represents a poster at our display booth. This book allows you to skip the airfare and crowds, and learn a little about Church-Shaped Children’s Ministry and the many, free, Praise Factory resources from the comfort of your easy chair. May you find them thought-provoking and helpful.

purchase on amazon

download here:

Praise Factory Pitchbook pdf

Church-Shaped Children’s Ministry Slideshows

a quick, visual way to learn about Church-Shaped Children’s Ministry

We’ve made a series of slideshows that bring to life different aspects of Church-Shaped Children’s Ministry. These slideshows are part of the Getting Started section of this website. Why? Because it is so important to build any church ministry on the foundation set by your pastors. They are the ones who God has given you to serve not only the children and families, but everyone in your church.

Below each slideshow are pdf excerpts from the book: Church-Shaped Children’s Ministry, found in entirety in the Resource Catalog here.

Getting Started in Children’s Ministry   


Building’s Tomorrow’s Healthy Church Today:

Especially for Pastors (Great for others, too!)

All new resources to help your church think through serving your families within the limits of the resources that God has given you. Based on our 25 years of children’s ministry work at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. And, the wisdom of over 30 pastors around the world I interviewed. Great advice for churches of all shapes!

Download whole book here

Available on

Download sections of book:

Part I: Children’s Ministry, Past and Present

Part 2: Characteristics of Church-Shaped Children’s Ministry

Part 3: Church-Shaped Children’s Ministry at CHBC

Part 4: Church-Shaped Children’s Ministry in Other Church Settings

Part 5: Comments from Pastors

Part 6: Appendices

Appendix A: CHBC Elders’ Paper on the Baptism of Children

Appendix B: Children’s Church and Family-Integrated Church Models

Appendix C: Children’s Ministry Questionnaire

Appendix D: 11 Steps to a Custom Curriculum Fit

Appendix E: 25 Lessons I’ve Learned in Children’s Ministry at CHBC (with application questions for your ministry)


Praise Factory Workshop Book

Children’s Ministry philosophy and practical implications

Church-Shaped Children’s Ministry: This is the main resource we use to lead our workshop in Washington, DC. It voices the philosophy behind our Children’s Ministry program here at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. It describes the pastoral leadership that is foundational to all we do and how that is fleshed out in practical terms. The “Getting Started” slideshows are born out of the materials in this book, as well as From the Ground Up.

Go to “Getting Started”

Available for free download or purchase through  You’ll find it here in the Resource Catalog section.

You can also download here two key articles from Church-Shaped Children’s Ministry that describes the core concepts behind this philosophy.

Church-Shaped Children’s Ministry Article pdf

The Path to Gathering Together pdf

Other Workshop Resources:


DC Workshops

free, informative, thoughtful and practical… three times a year

Interested in learning more about Church-Shaped Children’s Ministry and the Praise Factory family of curriculum? Join us in Washington, DC for one of our free Praise Factory Workshop events. The next upcoming Praise Factory Workshops are: September 18, 2021, March  19, 2022, and May 21, 2022..

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