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Getting Started

Getting Started

This section is dedicated to helping you make a great start where you are. Whether you are creating a new Children’s Ministry, trying to make your current programs be more effective as is, or you’re wanting to launch the Praise Factory curriculum, there’s something to help you here.

We’ve made a series of slideshows to help you along your way. Below each slideshow are some pdfs that will give you even more information. They are all excerpts from the books: From the Ground Up; and, Church-Shaped Children’s Ministry, both by Constance Dever.

These full books are also available to download for free or purchase through Go to Resources Catalog to learn more…

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Getting Started in Children’s Ministry   (YOU ARE HERE) 

Getting Started: The Praise Factory Family of Curriculum

Getting Started: The Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Curriculum

Getting Started: Deep Down Detectives Curriculum

Getting Started: Praise Factory Investigators Curriculum

Vintage Video Clips:

Getting started

Vintage Videos: I’ve retained the videos from the old website. The names have changed and some of the format, but there is still so much helpful information in them. Check here at the bottom of each page for the vintage videos related to each section.

Note: These videos follow the format of an older version of the book: Capitol Hill Baptist Church Children’s Ministry, also available through Amazon. You can also find out more about these books on the Resource Catalog page.