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Resources for Parents

Each Praise Factory curriculum includes lots for families to use at home.

Parents’ Corner

Praise Factory resources to use at home

Welcome, Parents! Did you know that you are the Number One reason the Praise Factory is here! We want to partner with you in teaching your children the wonderful truths about the Living God who we serve and who has saved us…and who we hope and pray will be their Savior, too.

This section will:

  • Introduce the Praise Factory family of curriculum to you
  • Provide you with a shortcut to the companion, take-home resources for each curriculum
  • Tell you about some other resources you might like

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Resource List from CHBC Booksale

helping parents fulfill their calling to spiritually nurture their children

A compilation of books for babies through high school aged kids and their parents. Also includes a useful articles in how to use books to encourage your children spiritually. Based off of the book fair held at Capitol Hill Baptist Church annually. Only offered for download because the resources get updated annually.

Praise Factory Music

music woven throughout the curriculum

Music is one of the most powerful memory tools God has given us. Anything set to music is more quickly learned and more likely to be retained–even into adulthood. By setting the Praise Factory Bible concepts and verses to music, children (as well as adults!) hold on to the very truths we are trying to teach them.

There’s lots of music and a lot to learn about Praise Factory music:

  • A section for the music from each of the three curriculums
  • An article explaining why the big difference between the ESV and NIV songs (quantity and quality)
  • And, a few, extra music collections you might enjoy

All mp3’s and sheet music are free to download

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Praise Factory Investigators Adventure:

the 16 Praise Factory Themes set to music

This musical adventure uses a detective flair to introduce the 16 Praise Factory themes through bluegrass, rap and everything in between. These 16 songs are also used as part of Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids, Deep Down Detectives, and PFI curriculums. Listen online. Free to download here or buy the CD through There is also a sing-along devotional songbook you can purchase through as well.

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