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Parents’ Corner:

Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids

Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids

used with ages 2-5

Welcome, parents, to the Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids curriculum!

Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids is the first curriculum in the Praise Factory family of curriculum. The 16 Praise Factory themes are presented as 16 single concepts, with 5 lessons of curriculum available for each.  Find below the take home sheet coloring sheet/devotionals; the Bible story; and, the music resources, organized by theme (unit).

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NOTE: The full Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids curriculum offers many more resources that parents can use with their children.

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All 16 Nursery Rhyme Big Question Songs (zipped file)

Or, listen to playlist here:

Or, listen to playlist here:

Or, listen to playlist here:


Click on a unit below to go to the parent resources for that unit

Unit 1: The God Who Reveals Himself  

(How Can I Know What God Is Like? He Shows Me What He’s Like!)

Unit 2: God’s Wonderful Word, the Bible

(What’s So Special about the Bible? It Alone Is God’s Word!)

Unit 3: The Good News of God, the Gospel

(What Is the Gospel? It’s Salvation through Faith in Christ!)

Unit 4: The God Like None Other  

(Can You Tell Me What the LORD Is Like? He’s Not Like Anyone Else!)

Unit 5: God, the Good Creator

(Can You Tell Me What God Made? God Made All Things Good!)

Unit 6: God, the Just and Merciful 

(How Did Bad Things Come to God’s Good World? Bad Things Came through Sin!)

Unit 7: The Law-Giving God 

(What Are God’s Laws Like? They Are Perfect and Just!)

Unit 8: The God Who Loves 

(What Is God’s Love for His People Like? It’s More than They Could Ever Deserve!)

Unit 9: Jesus Christ, Immanuel, God with Us

(What Did Jesus Come to Do? Jesus Came to Bring Us to God!)

Unit 10: The Holy Spirit: the Indwelling God

(What Does the Holy Spirit Do Inside of God’s People? He Changes Their Hearts!)

Unit 11: The God Who Saves

(How Can We Be Saved? It Is God’s Free Gift!)

Unit 12: God’s People Live for Him 

(How Should God’s People Live? They Should Live Like Jesus!)

Unit 13: The Sustaining God 

(Why Do God’s People Keep Believing in Him? It Is God’s Sustaining Grace!)

Unit 14: The God Who Delights in Our Prayers  

(How Does God Want Us to Pray? Every Night and Day!)

Unit 15: God’s People Gather Together

(Why Do God’s People Go to Church? To Worship God and Love One Another!)

Unit 16: Jesus, the Returning King

(What Will Happen When Jesus Comes Back? God Will Make Everything New)