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Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids “Give-It-a-Go” Sample Package

Hello, New Friend to Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids!

If you have gotten this far, chances are you are looking fairly seriously at this curriculum. Rather than having you download or purchase the full versions of the curriculum, I’ve put together this bundle of materials that will give you a chance to really understand it and to try it out.


Here are some tips that will really help you fit our curriculum to your needs.

1. This is the Works:

This section contains FULL DOWNLOADS of curriculum, just like the hard copies found on Looking for just a story or a particular, single resource? Go to Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Bits and Pieces

Few other churches choose to use all of the curriculum as we use it at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, because we have created enough curriculum to stretch 3 hours each Sunday (Sunday School and Church). You may feel easily overwhelmed.

2. Take the Tour:

Look at this section from the Praise Factory Curriculum Tour to get a good sense of what is offered in this curriculum and how it is structured, were you to use it as the lesson plans suggest (structure of every class is the same… learn it, once and you’ve got it down.) Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Tour

3. Keep It Simple

Also, notice that within the lesson plan, there is a simple, basic lesson mapped out for you with stars next to these key elements. Many people using the lesson plan have found the stars just what they need. Others, use the Simple Story Scenes book as their complete, simple lessons. That book includes an overview of all the Key Concepts, the story illustrated with pictures, and take home sheets that are coloring sheets on the front and discussion questions, prayer and a song on the back.

4. Use Bits and Pieces Instead:

I would strongly encourage you to choose Bits and Pieces a la carte downloads instead of these full curriculum downloads. Bits and Pieces allows you to download just what you need. If for some reason you find you want to use most of the curriculum as ordered in our lesson plan, then these full unit downloads may be useful to you. Bits and Pieces has instructions about how to helpfully choose what you need. I would suggest looking at that first. Go to Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Bits and Pieces.

These samples are a sort of “mini me” of resources available for each unit of Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids.

Included in the samples:

1. Black and White pdf of The Praise Factory Tour: Extended Version    Color version can also be ordered from here.

(The color version is a huge document that would take a very long time to download). This book is your guide to understanding the curriculum basics. You can also order it through amazon in color or watch the slideshow in the Get Started section of the website. But sometime, you just want something to get your hands on now! So here it is!


2. Give-It-A-Go Introductory Materials for Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids. This can also be purchased here on Amazon.

This is basically the introduction and selected appendices that is included in every volume of Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Core Curriculum. We are giving it to you here, separately, because you will be referring back and forth from it to the curriculum a lot. It will be much easier for you to follow along if it’s in a separate booklet of its own.


3. Give-It-A-Go Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Core Curriculum for Unit 1

This can also be ordered from here.

This material comes from the Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Core Curriculum Unit 1 ESV book. The regular volume includes Units 1-4–more than you need if you are only in the test-drive stage. This only includes the core curriculum for unit 1. Make sure to especially note the “Follow the Stars” on the lesson plan for a simple, short version of the lesson plan. Chances are, you won’t need all the curriculum that we use and need here at CHBC.


4 Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Simple Story Scenes for Unit 1

This resource can be a stand alone curriculum all by itself. Make sure to look in the Bits and Pieces section at the “for view” version of this resource. This allows you simply to plug into a screen and use the resource that way without printing out anything. Here is the “for view” version for Unit 1.

5. Give-It-A-Go Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Visual Aids for Unit 1 with Storyboard Pictures This can also be ordered from here.

This material comes from the Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Small Format Volume 1 Visual Aids ESV book. The storyboard pictures are sized for felt boards that are between 24″ x 36″ and 36″ x 48″ in size. These are best for use with families or small groups of kids. (There are also Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Visual Aids books with LARGER storyboard pictures for felt boards that are at least 36″ x 48″ in size. We use these with our very large classes of kids.) The regular volume includes Units 1-4–more than you need if you are only in the test-drive stage. This only includes the core curriculum for unit 1. NOTE: This file is in color, because it includes all the colorful stuff! You can choose to print it out in black and white, if you want to save on ink. Or, by this resource through Amazon.


6. Give-It-A-Go Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids audio music files for Unit 1  (download only)

Download QR Code Sheet of Unit 1 songs

Download zipped file of music here:

Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Unit 1 ESV Songs

Note on zipped files: Download file onto your computer, double click to open folder, then right click and choose “Extract All.”

Or, listen to playlist here: