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Deep Down Detectives Bits and Pieces

A la Carte Resources

Bits and Pieces: A la Carte Resources

Chances are, you will use Deep Down Detectives in a different way than we do at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. There is a CRAZY amount of curriculum because of the unique way in which we use it, stretching the curriculum to be used throughout Sunday School and our whole church service…. that’s about 3 hours of class time! Bits and Pieces allows you to use just what you need for your curriculum setting.

Here are four steps that may help you to choose well and build well, especially if you are new to the curriculum.

1. Take the Tour

Take the visual tour of a typical Deep Down Detectives class, if you were to follow our lesson plan. This will help you learn what materials are available for each lesson, decide if you want to follow our lesson plan or if you want to do your own thing. Take the Deep Down Detectives class tour here. 

2. Choose Your Lesson Resources

Look over the Bible Truth overview sheet and/or our lesson plan. (Most people look at the scripted lesson plan to learn helpful teaching language and transitions between activities. etc. as they are learning the curriculum, but wind up doing their own thing, in terms of structure; or, use the “Follow the Stars” simple version of the lesson plan, notated on the lesson plan with stars next to the key lesson elements.

You can also teach off of the take-home sheet file, which includes the story text, key concept overview, and all of the take-home sheets. Each take-home sheet is a coloring sheets on the front and has discussion questions, prayer and a song on the back. If you combined this with the Simple Story Scenes file, which is a illustrated, book-like version of the story, you would be all set with a basic lesson.

3. Bring Your Lesson to Life with Visual Aids

Choose how you want to teach your Bible Truth and story. You can teach it from the text of the Overview sheet/lesson plan, if you want.

Most choose to use Bible Truth signs to hold up as they introduce the key concepts. And, the Simple Story Scenes, which are colorful pictures with story text written along the bottom, much like a book. You can print these out (in color or black and white), or watch them from a screen.

You also can tell the story using the storyboard pictures. These are paper pictures you cut out and can stick up on a board as you tell the story. Kids love these, but they are a lot more prep. (You’ll be helped to print out the story text with storyboard picture cues on it, if you decide to go this route.)

4. Review It

Choose from among the many activities to review the Bible Truth and story in fun, engaging ways. The discussion sheet (included in the lesson plan file) has questions that can be used with the games. The lesson plan includes a a list of all activities available for each week of curriculum, which can be very useful in planning and choosing activities.

Reminder: People who want to use the curriculum pretty much as is may want to simply download whole units at once. Most find just what they want here at Bits and Pieces. Go to Full Unit Curriculum Downloads

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