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Anchors Away!

Anchors Away!

You’ve left the dock, there’s wind in your sails, and you’re on your way with the Praise Factory curriculum. This section is dedicated to you. Time saving technology; tips for transitioning into the new curriculum; dealing with classroom behavior; storage ideas; and, much more is found in this section of the website.

Welcome Aboard!


a bloggish sort of thing

Greetings from Capitol Hill Baptist Church! I hope you are finding the Praise Factory resources useful! Here’s the latest on what we’re doing in our classrooms and what I’m working on, curriculum-wise.

Here at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, we are in various stages of piloting these new versions of our three, old friends “Teach, Take & Tell,” Big Questions and Answers for little people,” and “Praise Factory.”  Here’s where you can learn from our experiences as we sail along these exciting, but still somewhat uncharted waters.

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Captain’s Quarterdeck

Children’s Ministry Adminstrators (CMA’s) are often the unsung heroes who work long hours, coordinate dozens of volunteers ((if not hundreds, as in our church’s case), serve a broad group of families; and, are the first filter of complaints (and hopefully praise, too). Skill in administration and organization is paired with creativity. Understanding of biblical truth is harnessed to a knowledge of children. Encouraging commitment combined with patience towards volunteers. And a huge dollop of grace added towards everyone.

This describes the godly CMA who captains our ship here at CHBC and I pray that you have or can find for your church. This page is dedicated to encouraging all you CMA’s out there.

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Leaks and Squeaks 

On a maiden voyage, there’s bound to be a few adjustments. Here’s where you’ll find what changes we’ve made and where you can get them. Click here to learn more…

Rigs and Ropes

Supply suggestions from seasoned sailors. Look here for favorite supplies we’ve come to love.


Stormy Seas

Articles and tips dealing with common classroom difficulties. Right this way…

Ahoy, Maties!

Ideas for building a volunteer-friendly classroom. Click here


Making a transition from original Praise Factory curriculum to the new version without rocking the boat too much.

Come get your sea legs!

Cargo Hold

Tips for storing Praise Factory resources so they can serve you for many years. Click here

Anchors Away Sections 

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Anchors Away Home Page (you are here)

Sightings (updates on curriculum and our own piloting of the new curriculum)

Captain’s Quarterdeck  (resources especially for Children’s Ministry Administrators)

Leaks and Squeaks (corrections we’ve made to the curriculum)

Rigs and Ropes  (favorite equipment and technology)

Sailors and Stormy Seas  (understanding kids and dealing with classroom situations)

Ahoy, Maties! (building a volunteer-friendly classroom)

Tradewinds (making a smooth transition from original to new Praise Factory curriculum)

Cargo Hold (storage ideas)