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Rigs and Ropes

Rigs and Ropes

Supply suggestions from seasoned sailors. Look here for favorite supplies we’ve come to love. These can be purchased many places, but we often get things through Amazon and Staples.


Scan ‘n’ Cut by Brother: A Time Saver Worth Every Penny for Prepping Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids/Deep Down Detectives Storyboard Pictures … and a lot more!

This machine has greatly reduced the amount of time our Children’s Ministry Administrator spends on cutting out the storyboard pictures used in Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids and Deep Down Detectives! The machine scans the picture and then cuts it out…in seconds!. You can choose how much of a margin you want around the picture, too. (We like to leave a bit of white border around our pictures.)

The only pictures that we have difficulty with are those that are white. The machine sometimes has a hard time differentiating the white picture from the white paper. This can be remedied by adding your own /pen/pencil-drawn line around those images. The machine will pick up on the line you’ve drawn and cut out using it.

Make sure you get the low-tack mat for use with paper. The regular mat is too sticky and your pictures will stick to the mat!

We purchased ours through There are a number of models, all priced under $300 by varying amounts.

There are many YouTube videos on how to use these. We found it pretty easy straight out of the box. This machine has a lot of other very useful features besides this one that I’m highlighting.



Upgrade from CD Players to Bluetooth for Your Music!


We’ve been using CD players for many years and have just switched our music to small mp3 devices that can be played through portable, rugged speakers like these. With the Bluetooth feature, teachers can stay seated in Circle Time and use their mp3 device to select the next song from where they are. While we’ve chosen to download the songs as playlists onto our in-class devices, you can simply play the songs right from the website (See the Just Songs sections for each curriculum). We’ve found that these speakers are mighty powerful for their size. They put out plenty of volume, even for our large classes of boisterous children.


Laminating Sheets 5mil  9″ x 12″ and 12″ x 18″ sizes

This is our favorite brand of laminating sheets for the storyboard pictures. Make sure you get 5mil, not 3 mil.

Poly Envelopes with Side Opening for Storage in 3-ring binders

These envelopes make great storage for the storyboard pictures used in Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids and Deep Down Detectives. We put the pictures for one story in each envelope, then store all the envelopes in one binder. If you remember to put a little gap between the two halves of the large, 2-page background pictures, you can fold them up along that gap (like a hinge) and all the pictures will fit into the envelope.

Magazine Holders

We use these magazine holders to store curriculum resources for each, such as craft pages, take home sheets and visual aids. They will be ready to go next time you teach the unit. This is especially helpful if you download the curriculum, instead of purchasing the hard copies, since you will have loose sheets of paper.


4. FELT STORYBOARDS (Used with Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids and Deep Down Detective Visual Aids and Storyboard pictures)

Felt storyboards are a resource that take center stage in both Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids and Deep Down Detectives. That’s because every story is brought to life with beautiful storyboard pictures. You can download these or purchase these through Amazon. They are found in the Visual Aids books. (Regular and Small Format versions of these are are available.)

There are so many options, for those who want to purchase or make a storyboard. Here’s a few that we’ve investigated.

Magnetic-backed Felt

This is a wonderful option for those who need to roll up and store their storyboard in a small space; and, who have a metal surface (such as some BUT NOT ALL whiteboards). Roll out this felt and stick it to the board. Buy multiple pieces and build yourself a huge storyboard.

Table-top Felt Boards

These typically come in a 24″ x 36″ size.They make a sturdy display that can be useful for a small classroom. Use the Small Format Visual Aids with this size board.

Larger Table Top Felt Board Options

Companies like Displays 2 Go offer a wide variety of sturdy, larger table top felt boards. They start at 52″ in width.  Look at some here.

Room Dividers with Felt Display Features

You can even buy (very expensive) high quality room dividers that double as a felt board. Here’s some nice ones.

Do-It-Yourself Felt Storyboards

We have chosen to go with the DIY storyboard option.

Science Project Boards

For years, we used science project boards covered in felt as our display boards. These are 36″ x 48″ and can easily fit the Small Format Pictures (with extra space), but also fit the larger storyboard pictures, too.

Table Top Felt Boards

Here’s a great example of a table top board you can make yourself.

Felt Board Walls

Now we are switching to felt board walls. These are especially great for those with large classes and their own facilities. Allow a lot of space for the large format pictures used in Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids and Deep Down Detectives. There are lots of examples of these online with great instructions. There are different techniques, some more permanent than others. We have decided to go the permanent route and used spray adhesive to put up our boards. It was very inexpensive. These are pictures of our boards.

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