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New Resources for Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids and Deep Down Detectives! 

Resource 1: Simple Story Scenes

I’ve just created a new, easier, visual aid resource for story-telling. If you like the pictures used for the storyboard, but want to skip the cutting out, sticking and placing, check out the new Simple Story Scenes resources. Each story is told in 6-9 colorful pictures. The corresponding story text (sometimes slightly shorter than original story because of space constraints) is printed along the bottom of each scene. You can use the Story Scenes straight from the book, like a storybook, or you can cut them out, laminate them, and put them up on a flannelgraph board as you go.

You can get Simple Story Scenes just on their own, or along with the other Visual Aids, like the other Visual Aids Resources already available. The books of just Simple Story Scenes on their own will be offered not only as a paperback, but also as a hardback, because they will probably get used like a storybook.

Resource 2: QR Code sheets for the music

You can print out a sheet that has a separate QR code for each song used in a unit. This will hopefully make it easier for teachers and parents to quickly access whatever songs they want without needing to download them or use the website playlist. The original track numbers are included next to each song so that they correlate to the track numbers in the curriculum.

All of these resources will be found in the Curriculum Downloads as well as in Bits and Pieces sections.

What’s available now:

  • All Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Story Scenes resources are up.
  • Deep Down Detectives 1 goes up Jan 20.
  • QR code sheets for both curriculum are up.