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Praise Factory Investigators:

Session Prep

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Resources Related to the Book: From the Ground Up

  1. The Basics pdf
  2. A Lot More Details for Those Who Want It pdf
  3. Master Supplies List for All Praise Factory Investigators Games pdf
  4. Praise Factory Investigators Flyer pdf  (includes Scope & Sequence)
  5. Comparison Chart of the Three Curriculums pdf
  6. 104 Bible Truths Across the Three Curriculums pdf

Praise Factory Curriculum Tour: Extended Version

Black and White pdf of The Praise Factory Tour: Extended Version    Color version can also be ordered from here.

(The color version is a huge document that would take a very long time to download). This book is your guide to understanding the curriculum basics. You can also order it through amazon in color or watch the slideshow in the Get Started section of the website. But sometime, you just want something to get your hands on now! So here it is!

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