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Learn about Praise Factory Investigators Music

How Music Is Used in the Praise Factory Investigators Curriculum

Songs in Praise Factory Investigators are used:

  1. To set a mood in the classroom.
  2. To remind the children of classroom rules.
  3. To introduce Big Question and Answer in each unit.
  4. To introduce the Bible verse(s) connected with each Big Question and Answer.
  5. To learn the Bible verse(s) taught with each of the 104 Bible Truths.
  6. To learn a verse/s of a hymn that ties in with each of the 104 Bible Truths.

You can use as few or as many of these songs as you like.

Let’s use music examples from Unit 3: The Good News of God, the Gospel to illustrate.

Praise Factory Investigators:

Music Downloads

Music Downloads

Some people just want music. So, while these downloads are also included in the Praise Factory Investigators curriculum downloads area, we’ve also included them here. This is all the music used in Praise Factory Investigators, listed by unit. Download using the zipfiles; or, listen on the website through this link.

Just Music: Praise Factory Investigators