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Praise Factory Investigators:

for primary school kids, ages 5-12

Praise Factory Investigators is the third of 3 curriculums in the Praise Factory family of curriculum. It is used with children, ages 5-12.

It presents the 16 Praise Factory themes as 104 Bible truths. There are 3 sessions for each of the 104 Bible truths–an Old Testament, New Testament and Church History/Missions story for each. 312 sessions in all. Use as few or as many of the three sessions as you want.

Each of the 16 themes forms a unit that stands on its own. Units do not have to be used in numerical order.

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Get Introduced Slide Show:

Praise Factory Investigators

This slideshow is the best way to learn about Praise Factory Investigators!

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Praise Factory Investigators:

Curriculum Downloads

Curriculum Downloads

54 Bible Truths, 3 sessions each= 162 sessions/weeks available now

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Praise Factory Investigators:

Future Units

Due to the after-effects of cancer upon me, I will not longer be able to write new curriculum.  (Read here about health update.)

The great news is that there is tons of other fabulous curriculum on the market. And remember, you don’t have to use any of the Praise Factory units in order, so it doesn’t matter if the next unit isn’t ready yet. We’ve been doing it for years and still bearing great fruit among our children at Capitol Hill Baptist.

Praise Factory Investigators:

Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces: Praise Factory Investigators Curriculum a la Carte

The Curriculum Downloads section (above) offers you an opportunity to download each Praise Factory Investigator resource as a whole. “Bits and Pieces” gives you a chance to download individual parts of each resource a la carte. 

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Praise Factory Investigators:

Parents’ Resources


Parents’ Resources

Parents’ Resources include:

  • The music for each of the 16 Praise Factory Units (Themes).
  • PFI Pronto–the take home devotional for each lesson. PFI Prontos provide parents with the story, an ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication) Prayer, lyrics to a hymn and a Bible verse song; and, a few questions related to the story.

All music resources are available now. Curriculum-related resources (PFI Prontos) will come available as curriculum is completed.

Click on a unit below to go to the parent resources for that unit

Unit 1: The God Who Reveals Himself  (all resources available)

Unit 2: God’s Wonderful Word, the Bible  (just music available at this time)

Unit 3: The Good News of God, the Gospel  (just music available at this time)

Unit 4: The God Like None Other   (all resources available)

Unit 5: God, the Good Creator  (all resources available)

Unit 6: God, the Just and Merciful   (all resources available)

Unit 7: The Law-Giving God   (all resources available)

Unit 8: The God Who Loves   (all resources available)

Unit 9: Jesus Christ, Immanuel, God with Us   (just music available at this time)

Unit 10: The Holy Spirit: the Indwelling God   (all resources available)

Unit 11: The God Who Saves  (all resources available)

Unit 12: God’s People Live for Him   (all resources available)

Unit 13: The Sustaining God    (just music available at this time)

Unit 14: The God Who Delights in Our Prayers   (just music available at this time)

Unit 15: God’s People Gather Together     (just music available at this time)

Unit 16: Jesus, the Returning King    (just music available at this time)

How Music Is Used In

Praise Factory Investigators Curriculum


Praise Factory Investigators Music

Find out how about music’s important role in the Praise Factory Investigators curriculum. Hear music samples and download music.

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Praise Factory Investigators:

Getting Started


Getting Started: Praise Factory Investigators 

Ready to get started? We’ve got resources to help you on your way.

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