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Unit 8: The God Who Loves

Unit 8 Overview

God knew and loved His people even before the world began.He knew they were sinners who would rebel against Him; and still, He loved them. So from right then, even before the beginning, He always planned to care for them and to save them from their sins through Jesus. He always planned to work in their hearts by His Holy Spirit so they would love Him and want to live for Him. He always planned to bring them home to live with Him in heaven forever. 

We will learn 8 wonderful things about God’s love for His people in this unit.

Unit 8 Music Downloads

Bible Truth 1: 

God Blesses All People with Many Good Gifts

Bible Truth 2: 

God Loved His People Before They Loved Him

Bible Truth 3: 

God Showed the Depths of His Love,

 By Giving His Son Jesus to Save His People

Bible Truth 4: 

God Loves His People by Caring for Their Needs

Bible Truth 5: 

God Uses Everything in His People’s Lives

For Their Good and His Glory

Bible Truth 6: 

God Will Never Stop Loving His People