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Unit 7: The Law-Giving God

Unit 7 Overview

God is our Creator and our king. He gave us good laws to live by. God commands us to keep His laws. They are how He wants us to live because they reflect His righteousness: His perfect love, goodness and fairness. And, they are the best way for us to live. God’s laws are wonderful, but none of us obey them as we should since we are all sinners. We will always need a Savior to please God. We will never be able to do it by keeping God’s laws on our own. God, Himself, provided us that Savior– His Son, Jesus!

We will learn 5 truths about God and His laws in this unit.

Unit 7 Music Downloads

Bible Truth 1:

God’s Laws are Written in the Bible

Bible Truth 2:

God Created Us as Perfect Law Keepers,

But We are all Lawbreakers

Bible Truth 3: 

God Gave Us His Laws to Convict Us of Our Sin,

That We Might be Saved

Bible Truth 4: 

Jesus Kept God’s Law Perfectly,

So By His Grace He Could Save God’s People

Bible Truth 5: 

The Heart of God’s Law is Love