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Unit 4: The God Like None Other

Unit 4 Overview

There are many gods that people worship, but none are like the LORD. He is the one, true God. He’s not like anyone else! He’s always been alive–and He will never die. He’s completely good and loving. He’s all-powerful and all-wise. And that’s just the beginning of what the LORD is like. He is so great! There will always be more of Him to know.

We will learn 9 special things about the LORD in this unit.

Extra Song: Inspector Graff’s Rap: The ABC’s of God

Unit 4 Music Downloads

Bible Truth 1:

The LORD is a Glorious Spirit

Bible Truth 2:

The LORD is the Only True God

Bible Truth 3:

The LORD is One God, Yet Three Persons:

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Bible Truth 4:

The LORD Is Everywhere, All the Time

Bible Truth 5:

The LORD Knows Everything There is to Know

Bible Truth 6:

The LORD is Holy

Bible Truth 7:

The LORD is Omnipotent

Bible Truth 8:

The LORD is Faithful

Bible Truth 9:

The LORD’s Names Tell Us about Him