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Unit 12: God’s People Live for Him

Unit 12 Overview

We become God’s people when we turn away from our sins and trust in Jesus as our Savior. When we do, God forgives our sins and we begin a whole new way of life. God’s people no longer live life just to please themselves. They want to honor God with their whole lives, like Jesus did. They seek to love God most of all and love all people, too.

In this unit, we will learn 14 ways God’s people live for God.

Unit 12 Music Downloads

Bible Truth 1:

God’s People Grow to be More Like Jesus

Bible Truth 2:

God’s People Love Him with All of Themselves

Bible Truth 3:

God’s People Love Others

Bible Truth 4:

God’s People Trust Him

Bible Truth 5:

God’s People Are Good Stewards of His Gifts

Bible Truth 6:

God’s People Obey Him

Bible Truth 7:

God’s People Work for Him

Bible Truth 8:

God’s People Read His Word, the Bible

Bible Truth 9:

God’s People Think about Him

Bible Truth 10:

God’s People Say “No” to Temptation

Bible Truth 11:

God’s People Tell Others about Him

Bible Truth 12:

God’s People Suffer According to

God’s Good Plan

Bible Truth 13:

God’s People Know Heaven Is Their Home

Bible Truth 14:

God’s People Delight in His Glory