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Unit 11: The God Who Saves

Unit 11 Overview

God made us. He wants us to know what He is like so we can know Him, love Him, and praise Him. God shows us what He is like. How? By the heart He gave us to know and love Him; through everything He’s made that we see around us; through His Word, the Bible; and most of all, through His very own Son, Jesus Christ.

In this unit, we will learn 4 things about God’s amazing gift of salvation.

Unit 11 Music Downloads

Bible Truth 1:

God Saves Sinners Who Confess Their Sins

Bible Truth 2: 

Jesus is the Only Way to be Saved

Bible Truth 3: 

We Must Trust Jesus as Our Savior

And Obey Him as Our Lord

Bible Truth 4: 

The Holy Spirit Brings Us to God