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Unit 15: God’s People Gather Together

Unit Overview

God’s people don’t just GO to church. They ARE the church! “Church” is the Bible word for God’s people gathering together to worship God and to love one another. Usually they gather together on Sundays. That’s the day Jesus rose from the dead, showing that He had defeated sin and death. God’s people love to celebrate this! 

In this unit, we will learn about what God’s people do when they gather together.

Parent Resources Include:

  • A copy of each Bible story so you can know what your kids heard in class.
  • 5 take home sheets, one for each of the three lessons used with each Bible Truth. The three take home sheets are about the same Bible Truth concept/Bible verse/Bible story, but each has a different emphasis, helping the children appreciate different aspects of what they are learning.
  • Each take home sheet is a two-sided document. On one side is a coloring sheet; the other side has the key concepts, lyrics to one or two of the songs, an ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication) prayer, and a few questions.
  • The music for the whole unit.

Unit 15 Music Downloads

Or, listen to playlist here:

Or, listen to playlist here:

Take Home Sheets and Bible Stories


NOTE: There is ONE Bible Story, and FIVE take home sheets in each pdf file.

Unit 15 Resources

Parent Resources Include:

  • Unit 15 Bible Story: The Case of the People Who Loved a Lot  Acts 2
  • 5 Take Home Sheets

Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Unit 15 Take Home Resources ESV

Unit 15 Simple Story Scenes, ESV

Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Unit 15 Take Home Resources NIV

Unit 15 Simple Story Scenes, NIV