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Leaks and Squeaks

Leaks and Squeaks 

On a maiden voyage, there’s bound to be a few adjustments. Here’s where you’ll find what changes we’ve made and where you can get them.

Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids

8/13/2017 A few images missing from the Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Visual Aids books that were available BEFORE 8/20/2017.

NOTE: All downloads and books purchased after 8/20/2017 have the corrected files already.

Here they are:

Unit 1 pdf

Note on SB10 in Unit 1: You will find TWO pictures called SB7. One is actually SB10. Just write in the correct number on the back of the picture and you are good to go.

Unit 2 pdf

Unit 3 pdf

Unit 4 pdf

Unit 8 pdf

Unit 11 pdf

Unit 12 pdf

I have not replaced the files both in the hard copy Amazon books and in the download sections, so you will not need these files if you purchased/downloaded after this date.

I also corrected other typos that I found throughout all four Volumes of the curriculum. If you run into typos and want corrected versions, simply download the resource from Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Curriculum Downloads or Bits and Pieces sections.

Anchors Away Sections 

Go to:

Anchors Away Home Page 

Sightings (updates on curriculum and our own piloting of the new curriculum)

Captain’s Quarterdeck  (resources especially for Children’s Ministry Administrators)

Leaks and Squeaks (corrections we’ve made to the curriculum)  you are here

Rigs and Ropes  (favorite equipment and technology)

Sailors and Stormy Seas  (understanding kids and dealing with classroom situations)

Ahoy, Maties! (building a volunteer-friendly classroom)

Tradewinds (making a smooth transition from original to new Praise Factory curriculum)

Cargo Hold (storage ideas)