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Some Differences Between the ESV and NIV Music

ESV vs NIV Music

If you listen to the NIV and the ESV songs, you will notice a quality difference between many of the songs. That is because the ESV version make up the “second edition” of the Praise Factory curriculum and these I produced in studio.

The original Praise Factory curriculum music was created a number of years ago under the modest conditions of our church sanctuary. Much of the NIV music is this original music. However, whenever there is an overlap (such as all of the Big Question Songs, the hymns, and some of the Bible verses), we have replaced the old version with the newer and better studio quality version.

Not only is the quality of production different between the ESV and NIV songs, but often the quantity is different, too. There are usually many more song choices for each Bible Truth in the ESV version. This later, second edition of the curriculum has given me the chance to write and record new versions of songs, new verses, etc that you might like to use.