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Examples of Music Used in

The Deep Down Detectives Curriculum

How Music Is Used in the Deep Down Detectives Curriculum

Songs in Deep Down Detectives are used:

  1. To set the mood of the curriculum.
  2. To remind the children of classroom rules.
  3. To aid transitions between activities.
  4. To add interest throughout the curriculum.
  5. To play in the background or to sing during Opening Activity Time and during Play Time.
  6. To introduce Big Question and Answer in each unit.
  7. To introduce the Bible verse(s) connected with each of the 16 Big Questions and Answers.
  8. To Introduce the Bible verse(s) connected with each of the 69 Bible Truths.
  9. To play as the music during the “Music, Movement and Memory Activity” suggested for each lesson.

You can use as few or as many of these songs as you like.

Let’s use music examples from Unit 3: The Good News of God, the Gospel to illustrate.

A Song to Set the Session Mood

Setting the Mood with Music

Each curriculum has a theme song that helps set the mood for the session. The Deep Down Detectives Theme Song reminds kids that they have come to class to dig deep down in the truths of God’s Word, that they might know God and live out what they learn in class.

A Song to Teach Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules through Music

The classroom rules are reinforced each session with the Classroom Rules Song. The song reminds children how to act during class session so that they can help each other worship God and love one another.

A Song to Aid with Transitions


Teaching truths to children often involves teaching them how to learn, not just the truths you want them to learn. We find that music helps provide structure and reminds the children of classroom basics in a way that is fun and effective.

Because preschoolers are getting used to classroom setting for the first, there is a need for a lot of regular cues. We have set all the major curriculum transition points as well as key, classroom management rules to music. Music helps the children learn and remember these cues easily.

The Classroom Song

Transitions between activities can be difficult, particularly for preschoolers. The Classroom Song is a simple song with four verses used at transition times to make transitions easy and fun.

Verse 1: The Gathering Verse invites the children to gather together to worship God.

Verse 2: The Go and Play Verse dismisses the children to play time.

Verse 3: Time to Go & Tell Verse transitions the children to Closing Circle Time, and to remember that they are in class not just to learn but to go and tell others what they’ve learned.

Verse 4: What’s Our Big News? Verse, asks the children to think about what they will go and tell others as they are dismissed.

Songs that Add Interest

throughout the Curriculum

Adding Interest through Music

The smaller the child, the shorter the attention span, typically. Adding music throughout the curriculum helps keep the children focused on the truths we so desire to teach them. Here are a number of songs woven each session into the curriculum that have this effect. Use as few or as many as you like.

4. Songs to Introduce the Unit’s

Big Question and Answer

Big Question Songs

There are TWO songs that can be used to introduce each Big Question (and Answer):

SONG 1: The Big Q & A Song: the Big Question and Answer sung to a familiar nursery rhyme song.

Example: Big Q & A 3 Nursery Rhyme Song

SONG 2: The Big Question Song: Includes the Big Question, Answer and concept in song (not nursery rhyme)

Songs Used to Teach the Bible Verse Connected with

the Unit’s Big Question and Answer


Big Question Bible Verses

This is a Bible verse connected to the Big Question, set to music.

Example: Big Question 3 Bible Verse Song: For God So Loved the World John 3:16

Extra Songs: Sometimes the Bible Verse music includes extra songs–either different versions of the same verse or other verses related to the Big Question. We include these because the curriculum is used by a wide age range of children and one might be better suited for your particular group of children than another. Use as many or as few as you want.

Here are two examples of Extra Bible Verse songs included in the Unit 3 music:

Example: Big Question 3 Extra Bible Verse Song: For God So Loved the World John 3:16 (version 2)

Example: Big Question 3 Extra Bible Verse Song: For God So Loved the World John 3:16 (version 3)


Learning about the Bible Truths through a Hymn

Hymns are full of truth! That’s why they have been sung by God’s people for centuries and centuries. While many have left hymns behind, we believe there is still a very important place for them in the church and in the hearts and minds of God’s people. So, we begin to introduce verses of hymns to even these very little children, helping them to begin to glean truth from them; and, so as they gather together with God’s people, they will become familiar with both the tunes and with the truths in them.

Here is the hymn verse used in Unit 3: The Gospel, the Good News of God:

Unit 3: What Is the Gospel?
Salvation through Faith in Christ!

Praise Songs

Learning about the Bible Truths through a Praise Song

Praise songs are frequently used by God’s people, too. These usually contain simpler truths and song structure. Because they are also used in church, and we are preparing these children to gather together to worship God with others, we think praise songs are good to introduce to the children, too. And, their simplicity does make them easy to pick up and sing.

Here is the praise song used in Unit 3: The Gospel, the Good News of God:

Unit 3: What Is the Gospel?
Salvation through Faith in Christ!

Songs Used to Teach the Bible Verse Connected with

Each of the 70 Bible Truths

Using Music to Dig Deep Down into the Truths of God’s Word

There is at least one Bible verse song for each of the 70 Bible Truth concepts in Deep Down Detectives.

Here are examples from Unit 3: The Gospel, the Good News of God.

Unit 3: What Is the Gospel? Salvation through Faith in Christ…

1. Bible Truth 1: God Made Us and We Should Obey Him

Example: Bible Verse: Make a Joyful Noise Psalm 100:1-6, ESV

Example: Extra Bible Verse: O LORD of Hosts Isaiah 37:16, ESV

2. Bible Truth 2: We Have All Disobeyed God and Deserve His Punishment

Example: Bible Verse: There Is Not a Righteous Man Ecclesiastes 7:20,29, ESV

Example: Extra Bible Verse: Seek the Lord Isaiah 65:6-7, ESV

3. Bible Truth 3: God Sent Jesus to Pay for His People’s Sins

Example: Extra Bible Verse: All We Like Sheep Isaiah 53:6 ESV

4, Bible Truth 4: God Saves All Who Repent of Their Sins and Trust in Jesus

Example: Extra Bible Verse: The Time Mark 1:15, ESV (other version)

Example: Extra Bible Verse: Everyone Who Names the Name 2 Timothy 2:19,22, ESV

Example: Extra Bible Verse: Help Us, O God of Our Salvation Psalm 79:9, ESV

Other Information

More Information about Music

AUDIO DOWNLOADS: There are two ways you can download music.

  1. Through this website: The audio for all of the songs in a unit come in a zipped file.

LISTEN ONLINE: From this website on the Just Music section for Deep Down Detectives

SHEET MUSIC: The sheet music is included in the Core Curriculum Books.  Large format lyrics are also included. This resource can be found in the Deep Down Detectives Curriculum Downloads section.

ESV MUSIC versus NIV MUSIC: The ESV music is new to this second edition of Praise Factory curriculum. It was done in studio and is of a higher sound quality. There are also a lot more songs available in the ESV music. I’ve been busy and wanted to make these new songs available to you. The NIV Bible verse music is the largely made up of the lower quality, non-studio produced versions that was used in the first edition of Praise Factory.