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Learn about Praise Factory Music

The Power of Music

Music is one of the most powerful memory tools God has given us. Anything set to music is more quickly learned and more likely to be retained–even into adulthood. By setting the Praise Factory Bible verses and the Big Questions & Answers concepts to music, children (as well as adults!) hold on to the very truths we are trying to teach them.

There’s lots of music and a lot to learn about Praise Factory music in this section of the website:

A section for the music from each of the three curriculums..

An article explaining why the big difference between the ESV and NIV songs (quantity and quality)

And, two extra music collections that

  • Musical styles of Praise Factory Music
  • Songs of My Journey

These highlight some of my favorites of the 200+ original songs written for the curriculum is different ways.


The 16 Big Questions Set to Song

All three curriculums share the same 16 Big Questions and Answers set to music. These are provided as simple nursery rhyme songs (with just the question and answer). And, they are provided as full concept songs, in which the kids learn not only the big question but a fuller answer to the question. These are often the most popularly used songs, so I’m putting them here for you to download as a group. They are also located within the music downloads for each of the curriculums.

All of the 16 Big Question and Answer Nursery Rhymes  zipped folder

note on zipped files: Download file onto your computer, double click to open folder, then right click and choose “Extract All.”

Or, listen to playlist here:

Or, listen to playlist here:

Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids Music Downloads

Big Question and Answer Song Collections

All of the 16 Big Question and Answer Nursery Rhymes and Full Concept Songs 


Or, listen to playlist here: