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Cargo Hold

Cargo Hold

Tips for storing Praise Factory resources so they can serve you for many years.

1. Storing Storyboard Pictures and Visual Aids

We store our storyboard pictures in poly envelopes that store in three hold binders. Even the large, two-page, background images fit into these envelopes easily if you leave a gap between the two halves when you laminate them. The gap acts like a hinge. Just fold up the pieces and the picture folds up nicely.

2. Storing Curriculum

We store any re-usable, loose paper in magazine files. This includes take home sheets and craft papers.

3. Storing Games

All three curriculum use a lot of games that are re-used throughout the curriculum. Make them once, store them, and they will serve you and your teachers for years. We store our games in zip lock bags, in baskets. We label which games are in which basket for easy reference.

4. Closet Full of Creativity

Praise Factory Investigators has a drama activity every session. Kids love this re-telling of the story! We have collected all sorts of costumes and props for use in these drama activities. You do NOT have to have as many doo-dads as we do….but the kids love them. Here’s how we store ours.

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