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Ahoy, Maties!

Ahoy, Maties!

Ideas for building a volunteer-friendly classroom.

1. Put things where they will be used.

Teachers usually use certain resources in the same place, each time they teach, Make their job easier by organizing your space to store those resources near where they will use them.

2. Post your schedule

Posting your class time schedule on the wall in large print is especially helpful for new teachers or for getting used to a new curriculum or schedule.

3. Tell your teachers where their stuff is. Tell them important things you want them to remember. Don’t leave them guessing.

4. Have supplies on hand.

Store the supplies frequently used in the classroom and keep them replenished.

5. Be prepared for emergencies.

Post equipment and instructions for emergencies. This allows the teacher to deal with the emergency, itself.

6. Provide a means of communication.

Walkie-talkies in each classroom that connect to a hall monitor or the Children’s Ministry Adminstrator allow the teachers to quickly get whatever help they need.

7. Boost classroom behavior during transition time with a bell or music. 

Give your teachers a hand bell or a song to play to alert kids to an upcoming transition. This gets the children’s attention without having to raise their voices.

8. Use carpet cues.

Circle Time carpets or carpet square samples are a great way to help children know where they are supposed to sit during teaching time.

9. Make the most of free play time.

Provide a variety of free play activities that teachers have on hand for the children to enjoy. Ideally, have enough to rotate activities from session to session.

Free play ideas for preschoolers pdf

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