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Why Systematic Theology?

Systematic theology is the organizing principle within each curriculum in the Praise Factory family of curriculum (Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids, Deep Down Detectives & Praise Factory Investigators). This organization shows up as 16 “Big Questions and Answers” that are categories found in systematic theology.

A systematic theology is an ordered study of who God is, who He has made us to be, His plans for us and this world, His work of salvation for His people, and the things of the world to come. It gives children an opportunity to consider the magnificent way that God has ordered all things to His glory; and, equips them with a strong foundation of God’s Truth to grow and live for Him in this world, with an eye of hope and joy towards the next.

The question isn’t really why systematic theology…it’s more how to teach systematic theology in a way that is understandable, enjoyable and memorable to the children. More on that to come…