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Two Dead Men and a Diamond

The philosophy behind the Praise Factory family of curriculum can well be summed up by “Two Dead Men and a Diamond.

Dead Man #1: Martin Luther

Luther spoke of theology—the study of God—as not just dry, heady stuff, but how you live and how you die.

Children want to learn real, solid truths about God because He created them to know Him. They want to know about the world, God and His great plans for the world and their lives. Teaching biblical truth is how they can know these things.

Dead Man #2: John Bunyan

Bunyan spoke of reaching people through the gates to their heart. We want to use every gate we can to reach the children. The eye gate, the ear gate, the hand gate, the feet gate, even the stomach gate.

The more gates used, the better the chance for the learning time to be enjoyable, understandable and memorable.

A Diamond

The great Puritan preachers meditated upon a single truth from many different facets, seeking to expand their knowledge of God and the implications and applications of this knowledge to their lives.

We strive to lead children in thinking upon God in ways that might expand their own understanding of Him, and help them see implications and applications of this knowledge to their lives.

We find that curriculum which reinforces the same biblical truths in different ways and at different levels helps to achieve this goal.