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The Spiral of Truth

The Praise Factory is a family of three, inter-related curriculums:
  • Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids (focus group: ages 2-4; adaptable range: ages 2-pre-K 5’s)
  • Deep Down Detectives (focus group: ages 4–6’s; adaptable range: ages 3-2nd grade)
  • PFI: (focus group: grades K-5th grade; adaptable range: pre-K 5’s-6th grade)

Each curriculum teaches the same sixteen, biblical themes. These sixteen, biblical themes form the sixteen units within each curriculum. The theme of each unit is presented as a Big Question (and Answer) about God and His Truth, as revealed in the Bible.

While all three curriculums use the same units and biblical themes, each offers a different amount of depth to suit the very different developmental needs of preschoolers and elementary school age children.

Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids presents the 16 themes as:

  • 16 Bible Truths,
  • each with 1 Bible story

Deep Down Detectives provides more depth by presenting the 16 themes as:

  • 16 units made up of
  • 69 Bible truths,
  • each with 1 Bible story

Praise Factory Investigators (PFI) provides the most depth by presenting the 16 themes as:

  • 16 units made up of
  • 104 Bible truths,
  • each with 3 stories,
  • an Old Testament, New Testament and Story of the Saints (church history or missions story).

We call this progression the Spiral of Truth because the children learn the same themes with each curriculum, but they learn about them with increasing depth and understanding as they progress through the three curriculums.