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About Us

About the Author

The Praise Factory family of curriculum is the creation of Connie Dever, wife of Mark Dever, senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC.

Mrs. Dever has been teaching children and developing curriculum for use in churches in the United States and abroad for over 30 years.

A Labor of Love for Our Local Church… and for You

One little reminder… this website may look a bit flashier than the original version, but the team size hasn’t changed. It’s still just a one-man (woman) band building the website, writing the curriculum and music, along with everything else in between…and struggling with cancer. I humbly offer you what I write as a labor of love for our church and for whoever finds it useful. This may mean a few more typos and oops than if you get curriculum from a large curriculum publisher–hence the very low price point (free downloads and prices set as low as allowed on Amazon.) The free downloads are a great place to start to see if this curriculum is for you. Hopefully you will find the truths soundly represented and the large amount of music and activities useful.

 Come Adventure With Us

All three of the new curriculum are seeing their first launch here at CHBC. Praise Factory Investigators has been being used for the past couple of years already and is nearing the end of this phase.

We offer the curriculum to you now, if you want to adventure alongside of us through any extra bumps and blips that are inevitable on a maiden voyage. Or, feel free to wait until we make the first crossing and learn from the experience. It’s totally up to you. We will be updating the curriculums with any necessary edits as they are apparent.

Follow along on our journey and learn with us in the Anchors Away! Section.

Our Mission

To provide affordable, flexible, quality biblical curriculum and other resources for parents and teachers of pre-school and elementary age children. Read more…

The 16 Praise Factory Themes and Theological Truths

See the 16 themes used in all three Praise Factory curriculums and their ties to theology here…

Why Systematic Theology?

Systematic theology is the organizing principle within each curriculum in the Praise Factory family of curriculum (Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids, Deep Down Detectives & Praise Factory Investigators). This organization shows up as 16 “Big Questions and Answers” that are categories found in systematic theology. Read more…

The Spiral of Truth

Why the Praise Factory family of curriculum uses the same 16 themes to reinforce and to deepen children’s understanding of important, biblical truths. Read more…

Two Dead Men and a Diamond

The philosophy behind Praise Factory curriculum can well be summed up by two dead men and a diamond. Read more…

Some What’s and Why’s: A Little More Praise Factory Philosophy

Find out some surprising elements of the curriculum and why we consider them so important. Read more…

How the Praise Factory Family of Curriculum Developed

The work of a lifetime…. a quest to reach the hearts and minds of children with the truths that matter most. Read more…